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here are many ways you can support our dinners. Most involve a commitment of a couple of hours each month.

  • Come join us for dinner!!! The main reason the Neighbors Meeting Neighbors Community Dinners exist is because we want to hang out with other neighbors. The more, the merrier!
  • Help get the word out. Tell your friends and neighbors about the dinners, better yet — invite them to come with you to the next one! You could also spend an hour or so delivering Dinner flyers around the neighborhood.
  • Be on a production team. Come an hour early to help set up the room, assist during the event, and stay an extra hour to help clean up afterwards.
  • Donate door prizes or underwrite production costs. All dinner donations are tax-deductible. Door prizes are a popular opportunity to add fun and promote local businesses. Door prize donors get free advertising in tandem with dinner promotion, complimentary meals, and are invited to publicly present their donation. Underwriters make dinners attractive to larger audiences by helping keep prices down for attendees. Financial contributions are gratefully accepted and appropriately acknowledged. Contact Pat Meyer for benefit schedule details.
  • Make up your own job. We need reliable folks behind the scenes doing all sorts of things. Examples are: Flyer design and reproduction, donations (monetary & in-kind), program arrangement (speakers & catering), errands (dropping off flyer packets to the delivery team members, picking up supplies, etc.), accounting, etc. If you want to do it — we could probably use your help!

If you (or you know of someone who) is interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact Pat Meyer at.