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Linda Artiaga

Interviewed by: Adams Avenue Herald December 2004

The Business Spotlight this month is on realtor Linda Artiaga of GMAC/One Source Realty. Linda is a long-time 92116 businesswoman and friend to the community.

Herald: How long have you lived in the San Diego area?

Artiaga: I’m a lifelong San Diego County native. I grew up in Vista, California and have lived in the City since 1970.

Herald: What is your background?

Artiaga: I actually have a Masters Degree in Counselor Education from San Diego State University and worked as both a community college counselor and a pre-release counselor in prisons and honor camps in San Diego and Southern California, believe it or not, both good preparation for real estate. I learned to listen and speak plainly and clearly about people’s needs.

Herald: When did you begin in real estate?

Artiaga: Real estate came along for me in 1980 when at the suggestion of a friend who was a real estate broker, I worked part-time and found I had a knack for helping people find and sell homes. It became an exciting, fun and fast-paced career for me and seemed to go along with my nature so in 1981, almost 25 years ago, I left counseling and started full-time in the business. I knew so many people in the County who helped me get started and referred me business that my career took off and I never looked back.

Herald: What is the best part of your job?

Artiaga: I love San Diego, all its neighborhoods and all its diversity, which, by the way is my favorite part of the business: all the varied personalities, circumstances, neighborhoods, home styles and needs of my clients. I have sold hundreds of homes over the years and you can only imagine all the stories and individual needs related to each one.

I live in and have many clients in the Metro area: University Heights, Normal Heights and Kensington…I would call this my base; however, because clients refer clients all over the County, I find myself helping people all over San Diego.

I am dedicated to providing the finest real estate services available and am affiliated with the #1 company for listings sold in the County, One Source Realty GMAC. I am tremendously grateful to so many people who have entrusted me with their biggest asset: their home and the equity they possess in it.

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