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Adams Avenue Bicycles

Interviewed by: Adams Avenue Herald February 2005

Since opening in 2003, Adams Avenue Bicycles has been dedicated to customers enjoyment of cycling. Whether you ride for fitness, sport, transportation or weekend fun, the staff at Adams Avenue Bicycles is ready to assist you.

Cycling is a low-impact, high pleasure activity, and you don.t have to be a great athlete to enjoy riding. All you need is a comfortable bike, some basic equipment and the desire for a good time!

Recently, Performance Bike Shop closed on Adams and 30th St. leaving Adams Avenue Bicycles as the only bike shop in the community. Adams Avenue Bicycles is located at 2606 Adams Ave on the corner of Adams Ave. and Hamilton St.

Bike owners with service agreements from the North Park location of Performance Bicycle, as well as Bike USA are invited to sample their superior service department with a complimentary tune-up. Bring in a copy of the Adams Ave. Herald to redeem this offer.

Adams Avenue Bicycles is open and ready for all sales, parts, accessories, and full service of all brands and types of bicycles. Purchasers of new bikes from Adams Ave Bicycles get complimentary lifetime tuning adjustments and offer what no other bike shop in town does: Lifetime free flat repairs!

The staff at Adams Avenue Bicycles have over 35 years of experience helping happy riders achieve their goals. When you call at 295-8500, or visit Adams Avenue Bicycles at 2606 Adams Ave, you are speaking with skilled individuals who are dedicated to their work, which is your enjoyment of cycling.

At Adams Avenue Bicycles, all bikes are assembled, customized for comfort, fitted to you, and committed to your satisfaction. As owner Andrew Lee says, “Why settle for a store that just sells bikes? We make bikes that work for people!”

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