Normal Heights Cultural Council
Sunday October 13th, 2019
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Cultural Council (NHCC)
Normal Heights Cultural Council

   The Normal Heights Cultural Council (NHCC), formed in 2001, is a group of local volunteers who seek to identify, increase awareness and enhance the cultural life of the neighborhood for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. The NHCC is creating programs that showcase the rich history, heritage and culture of the neighborhood while looking toward the future.

   Normal Heights was one of three neighborhoods (out of 102 in San Diego) chosen to form a Cultural Council to participate in the "Living Traditions" initiative as part of the "Share Your Heritage" program--a nationwide cultural heritage tourism initiative in cooperation with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture (SDCAC). Funded in part by the SDCAC and the San Diego Foundation Neighborhood Civic Fund. The San Diego Historical Society serves as fiscal agent for the NHCC. For more information and to participate, call Pete Evaristo at (619) 283-8379.

What's Your Favorite Landmark?

  The Normal Heights Cultural Council still needs your help identifying your favorite landmarks for a walking tour brochure.

Historic Photographs...

   The Normal Heights Cultural Council is always interested in your old photographs from the area. Help us out and let us scan your old photographs. We offer on the spot scanning so you don't have to loan out your priceless pictures. See the photographs we have already collected.


Cultural Councils

Culture has long been at the heart of community life and has played an especially significant role in the development of great American cities and towns. Participating in cultural activities, whether visiting a museum, attending a street festival, or singing in a choir, can reinforce community connections by generating pride in one's surroundings and attachments to ones neighbors.

Most of the support for these cultural activities - from cash or in-kind donations to countless volunteer hours - is derived from the community. Supporting Cultural Councils is just one more way the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture works to support and create neighborhoods of which we can all be proud.

A Cultural Council is a group of volunteers who live or work in a neighborhood and seek to enhance the cultural life of the neighborhood for the benefit of residents and visitors. The first Councils were formed in 2002 as an outcome of the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture's "Living Traditions" Initiative.

"Living Traditions" utilizes the best practices in cultural tourism marketing to help neighborhoods identify their unique cultural assets, such as historic properties and sites, arts and cultural institutions, traditions and festivals and market them more effectively to residents and visitors.

Presently, Councils have been formed in three neighborhoods - the Gaslamp Quarter, Normal Heights and Sherman Heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the work of the Council?

Currently, the only participation requirement for a Council is that you live or work in the Council neighborhood or have some interest in the cultural livelihood of the neighborhood.

How are Councils funded?

Each Council is responsible for identifying resources to support its activities - through cash or in-kind donations or volunteerism.

How are Councils governed?

All Councils are led by an all-volunteer board of directors and its general membership. Each Council has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations to guide their activities. The Councils function as nonprofit organizations, but are not tax-exempt 501.c.3 organizations. All financial transactions are managed by the San Diego Historical Society, the Councils' fiscal sponsor.

When and where do the Councils meet?

Council meetings are held monthly according to each Council's own schedule, in the neighborhood and at publicly accessible sites. Meetings are publicly noticed and everyone is welcome to attend.

What types of activities have the Councils planned?

Each Council has established a number of strategies, which the board hopes will not only increase the residents' awareness and appreciation of the neighborhood's cultural assets, but will attract tourists who will attend festivals, shop, dine and leave with positive impressions of San Diego. Some of the strategies include the development of cultural tourism brochures, sponsoring banner projects, special events, and walking tours.

How is the Commission involved with the Councils?

The Commission serves in an advisory and administrative support capacity to each Council; staff assists with clerical duties, grant writing, organizational and professional development. To achieve this goal, the Commission also partners with a number of agencies, including the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, the National Trust for Historic Preservation's "Share Your Heritage" project and the City's Planning Department. The Commission's goal is to work closely with each Council until it reaches a level of stability where it can sustain its own activities and serve as a model for other neighborhoods.

How can I form a Council in my neighborhood?

Because "Living Traditions" is still in a pilot phase, the Commission has not yet committed to sponsoring new neighborhoods. Interested neighborhoods should contact Felicia Shaw, Program Manager at 619-533-3050 for more information.
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