Normal Heights Neighbors Meeting Neighbors
Friday January 22nd, 2021
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Dinner Flyer Team
Normal Heights Dinner Flyers

Neighbors meeting Neighbors Community Dinner flyers are distributed throughout the neighborhood by a dedicated group of volunteers who spend a couple of hours each month delivering them door-to-door.

If you enjoy walking, appreciate our eclectic architecture and landscaping and love to chat with your neighbors, this is the perfect job for you! We have several routes available for adoptions. If you (or you know of someone who) is interested, please contact Pat Meyer at or 619-281-9678.

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Distributing Flyers

When should I distribute my flyers?
Ideally your deliveries are completed 7-10 days before the dinner (dinners are always on the 4th Wednesday each month). We try to get the flyers to you 12-13 days ahead to allow flexibility in working around your busy schedule, inclement weather, etc.

Where's the best place to leave flyers?
My favorite place to deliver them is into the hands of the person that lives there (if they are hanging around out front) -- It is always fun to meet new folks and chat about the neighborhood. I don't usually knock the door, because I'm often walking my route at dinner time, and don't want to interrupt neighbors who might prefer to relax after a long day. If a live person isn't around, I stick on screen doors, fences, clips on the outside of mailboxes, pretty much anywhere they will be found and not blow away. I carry a few paper clips with me to attach flyers to fences or screen doors on windy days. Reminder: We are prohibited by law from putting them inside U.S. Postal mailboxes.

What about apartments on my route?
It sometimes seems most renters don't attend the dinners, but they do appreciate the invitation. In apartment complexes, I'll place a batch of flyers at the collective mailboxes instead of on each door. I generally I leave about half as many flyers as their are mailboxes, and secure the flyers by securing them in the crevices between boxes. If I can't get to the mailboxes, I'll leave a few on the security gate.

Who do I contact if I need to adjust my route or number of flyers?
We want you to be happy with your delivery route (e.g. you are covering a manageable area, you are receiving the appropriate amount of flyers, etc.). If you need to make changes contact Pat Meyer at or 619-281-9678.

What happens if I don't deliver my flyers?
Some people think that because this is a volunteer job, it doesn't matter if it gets done consistently, well, or even at all. NOT TRUE!!! Many of your neighbors count on you for a reminder and might miss the Dinner without their invitation. Our attendance is a direct reflection of our promotion of the event. After word-of-mouth, flyers are our most effective communique.

Can I get help with my route?
I have a couple of "dinner flyer buddies" (my favorite neighbor & the kid next door) who join me when they can. Having them along lightens the work load and makes the walk that much more fun. They can also fill in if I am unavailable. If you need to take a break (vacation, illness, etc.) and can't find someone to cover for you, we might be able to help. If you contact me BEFORE you receive flyers, we can try to help find a substitute during your absence.

If you have further questions or suggestions for improvements, I would love to hear about them!.

Thank you for volunteering your time to make the Normal Heights Neighbors Meeting Neighbors Community Dinners such a success!!! Thank you for all you do to make Normal Heights a better place to live & play!

Pat Meyer
(619) 281-9678

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